There’s a whole additional complex of equally unpleasant federal buildings attached to the same plaza, designed by Walter Gropius, an architect whose chuckle-inducing surname belies the utter cheerlessness of his designs.

As an integral part of a fine arts school, Architecture at RISD emphasizes process, artistic sensibilities and social and ethical responsibility. After completion of the feasibility study for the new Headington Hall Student Housing project at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma, STUDIOARCHITECTURE (in association with Newman Architects) was awarded the approximately $52M student housing project… We do this by creating timeless and enduring architecture that respects the past yet points to the future, is honest to materials, connects to the environment, and above all, engages the human spirit in a way that makes a lasting contribution to the communities we serve.

Jacqueline Donachie is an award-winning Scottish artis t. Based in Glasgow she has forged an international reputation for a socially-engaged art practice that is rooted in an exploration of individual, family and collective identity and the structures, platforms and spaces (both actual and conceptual) through which it is constructed and supported. The provocation for the Architecture Fringe 2018 – COMMON/SENSES – is explored through design, art and architecture. To get an art design or architecture teaching job you need a PhD, to get a PhD you need to pay the institution you’re going to work for.

All too often, disabled people find their lives needlessly restricted by features of the built environment.” So begins the Westminster Women and Equalities Committee report of its inquiry into disability and the built environment, which includes evidence from experience in Scotland. Art, design and architecture within cities is becoming increasingly marginalised and passively responsive to wider economic and political conditions. In this format we will hear from artists, designers, architects, planners, community workers and members of communities to unpack various approaches to engagement and have a open and lively discussion.

To create inclusive cities it is important to seek involvement from people who will be affected by design decisions, strategic thinking and processes of ‘regeneration’ The Open Architectural Report is a publication by graduates of architecture in Scotland, seeking to provide a platform for individual architectural research and exploration. When framed through a common activity, how do our experiences of everyday public spaces compare globally?

Promenade performance to take place as part of Look Again Festival where a group of female dancers use architectural costumes to explore the relationship of their bodies to civic architecture. Inclusive creative design process with children and young people: an exhibition at The Ramp House, Portobello. For the Architecture Fringe 2018, the gallery space of A449 Architects will play host to celebration of rejection.

Pecha Kucha (Japanese for chit-chat) is a great fun idea started in Tokyo in 2003 by architects – Mark Dytham and Astrid Klein of Klein Dytham architecture. A continuation of our previous work; our first project (‘ A Sonic Palimpsest’ Architecture Fringe 2016) created a musical score and representation of Edinburgh’s urban fringe generated by the city itself (L). A collaborative project between graphic designers A Day Out and architecture studio Dress for the Weather for Archifringe 2018.

Will Cairns, Architects, Helen Lucas Architects; Calum Duncan, Director, Calum Duncan Architects; Eileen Hall, Architecture Graduate, Transformational Guide & Healer, Artist, Meditation Guide; Ruth Hamilton, Calum Duncan Architects/ Civic Soup; Laura Haylock, Architecture Graduate/ Civic Soup; Andy Law, Director, Reiach and Hall Architects; Nicola McLachlan, Architect, Collective Architecture; Marion Preez, Urban Pioneers Landscape Architects; Gillian Storrar, Architect, Calum Duncan Architects. Through the sharing of individual experiences we’ll explore access, diversity and equality to move beyond token and unsatisfactory gestures within our surroundings; to create a more reflective, complex, challenging and engaging built environment. A small hill of sand in Toronto leads to a particular way of doing the discourse of art, architecture, and our experience of material culture.

Revealing the often hidden promise of derelict buildings, an architecture tour with a difference. Now inhabited, the building is going through a process of ongoing transformation into exhibition and studio spaces. Through using architecture and design methods as the driver towards an enriched experience of the towns.

SituLab will perform and exhibit their ongoing project into how the public respond to modern architectural heritage through in-situ musical compositions and experiential, digital souvenirs. BIM technology supports architects throughout the design process. TMP is an architecture firm in Michigan focused on creating the finest learning environments for academics, student life, the arts, sciences, sports and recreation, and health and wellness.

Our Midwest architecture firm is dedicated to maintaining our reputation as world-class designers of dynamic educational environments. Louis Sullivan , ‘”Emotional Architecture as Compared to Intellectual : A Study in Subjective and Objective”, an address to the American Institute of Architects (October 1894) (in a misprint of its first publication “Classical” appeared in the title, rather than “Intellectual”) (1894) A few centuries ago… the indigenous and often primitive architectural forms of that time had become suited to local climate through a long process of trial and error.

The art of building , or architecture, is the beginning of all the arts that lie outside the person; and in the end they unite. Architectural History is more than just the study of buildings. Tom’s photography, though anchored to the physical nature of the buildings, is nevertheless very human, suggesting private experiences in often very public places.

“Architecture Architecture’s ability to help us through the design, planning and construction process, while realising our design brief and budget, made what we thought would be a stressful process really exciting!” – James & Ash. Our design proposes a material palette that is urban, robust and reflects the contemporary architectural heritage of the precinct, understatedly referencing the colours and geometries of Edmond & Corrigan’s Building 8, ARM’s Storey Hall and Lyon’s Building 80. LOCUS projects choreograph space, light, context, materials, and craftsmanship in the service of improving human experience.

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